Member-Only Pin
Member-Only Pin
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    Member-Only Pin


      Tie tack or magnet style pin (your choice), available in antiqued silver or gold finish.

      Typically worn on the left lapel, this is to be worn inside the club or anywhere you want show off your status as a member of one of the most unique and exclusive clubs in the world!

      Pins are also available for purchase at our front desk. Associates wear silver pins, Magicians wear gold pins.


      Please note: While this item may be available to you, each order is checked against our current member database to confirm the buyer is an active member in good standing and eligible for the members only item being purchased. If the name on the order does not match what we have on file, the order will be cancelled and refunded completely.  Members only items purchased as a gift for a member will be refunded and the order will not be honored. 

      Tie tack or magnet style pin, available in antiqued silver or gold finish. Available for purchase by AMA Members only. Please read fine print below.