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Magic Made Easy Vintage Poster 24x36"


This poster comes from the cover of a very old book about magic. Clearly hand illustrated, the image shows a magician performing a trick for an audience, in which he produces a live rabbit on a serving tray!

Prestidigitation - a word defined as "magic tricks performed as entertainment" - is not a word we hear too often today! Make the perfect set for your magician's parlor by checking out our other "magic" themed poster from the late 1800s and early 1900s.

- 24-inches wide by 36-inches tall.
- Printed on the highest quality, heavyweight, matte-coated paper.
- 230gsm | 10.6mil | Over 3x the thickness of regular paper.
- Frame & matting are not included - but it is a standard, easy-to-find size.