Magic University News - May 23, 2019

by Academy of Magical Arts on May 23, 2019


Hello to all of our star students!

Earlier this year, we announced some upcoming changes to the Magic University program and there are many more to update you on! There are still big plans to transform the Jack Oakie Lounge into a full-time classroom. In an effort to beautify the space, there will be a period of about 3 weeks where the room will need to close for renovations. It's looking like it may happen in the middle of the August/September semester and the class dates will likely change, but we will make sure students have plenty of notice and can cancel if it doesn't work for them. 

There will be some other minor changes due to the upgrade. For example, with the smaller class sizes and everything that goes along with it, we will need to increase enrollment fees for the first time in over a decade. Starting in August, the rate will become $375 per student. We are confident everyone will get more out of classes once there are fewer students in the room and the quality of our program will improve overall.  Any students who have already signed up will still remain enrolled and no additional fees will be incurred. Only orders placed starting this evening and moving into the future will be subject to the increase. With that said, we are still offering enrollment for our upcoming June semester at the $300 rate. If you've been itching to take another class, now is the time to do it!

We are also making one change to the student benefits. As of August 10th, each student will still be able to attend with a guest on specific nights, but the guest will be subject to a door charge. Don't worry, student access will remain complimentary and reservations are still not required!

For those of you who took our insanely popular "Hit the (Royal) Road" course with Rich Cowley, you'll be happy to know we're having a follow-up class called "Back on the (Royal) Road" that will be on Sundays starting June 23rd. About half of the seats have already been filled after only being available for the past 24 hours, so if you want to get in, sign up now! Just keep in mind that, while most of our specialty classes are for beginners, this is for those who took the first class. Novices may feel a tad lost. 

Here's what we have coming up: 
Introductory Magic - Wednesdays with Brett Schneider (sold out)
Introductory Magic - Saturdays with Rich Cowley (sold out)
Intermediate Magic - Thursdays with Harrison Lampert
Intermediate Magic - Saturdays with Harrison Lampert
Advanced Magic - Mondays with Alfonso
Performance Workshop - Tuesdays 
with Alfonso
Back on the (Royal) Road - Sundays with Rich Cowley
Going from Close-Up to Parlour - Mondays & Tuesdays with Jon Armstrong

As always, we welcome you to email us at for any of your magic education needs. 

See you in the classroom! 

The Magic University Team