Magic University News - February 11, 2019

by Academy of Magical Arts on February 11, 2019

There is so much fun Magic University news to share with you! 

We are thrilled to welcome our newest instructor, Harrison Lampert! Harrison is an actor, comedian, and magician whose professionalism and passion for magic has brought him to us. We're excited to have him on the team! Speaking of instructors, Kayla Drescher is back from her incredible tour with The Champions of Magic! We're so proud of her and honored to have her teaching here again. 

After months of planning, we are finally able to offer a class during the upcoming semester that focuses solely on the infamous book, 'The Royal Road to Card Magic'. We were shocked to see the class completely sell out within 24 hours. That's a new record! 

Speaking of specialty classes, Jon Armstrong will be teaching his 'Going from Close-Up to Parlour' course again in July. Last year, this was a very popular course that received incredible feedback. If you're looking to expand your skills beyond the close-up table, definitely check this one out.

There's one more thing to announce and it's a big one, so brace yourself...

This summer, the Jack Oakie Lounge will become a permanent classroom! Since Magic University will have full access to the space, we will be renovating the room and updating the program overall. We'll be sure to give updates along the way. 

With that, our next semester is beginning soon. Grab a seat while you can!

Here's what we have starting in a couple weeks: 
Introductory Magic - Mondays with Harrison Lampert (sold out)
Introductory Magic - Saturdays with Rich Cowley (sold out)
Intermediate Magic - Tuesdays with Alfonso
Intermediate Magic - Saturdays with Rich Cowley

Advanced Magic - Wednesdays with Alfonso
Performance Workshop - Thursdays 
with Kayla Drescher
Hit the (Royal) Road - Sundays with Rich Cowley (sold out)
School for Scoundrels - March 8 & 9 with Chef Anton

Stay tuned, as we will be adding more classes on all sorts of topics. As always, we welcome you to email us at for any of your magical education needs. 

See you in the classroom! 

The Magic University Team