A Lock Picking Lesson For The Ambitious

    A Lock Picking Lesson For The Ambitious


      The Academy of Magical Arts proudly presents:

      "A Lock Picking Lesson For The Ambitious" with Bill Ragsdale

      Monday, September 26th, 2022

      7:00 to 9:00 PM in the Milt Larsen Inner Circle

      This lock picking lesson (Level 2) builds on the skills learned in "Lock Picking for the Curious" (Level 1) and is only open to those graduates. This course outlines the use of all the picks in your set, opening handcuffs, vending machine locks, double-bitted locks, and powerful pin by pin picking. This session is more skills-oriented as contrasted to social aspects of the initial workshop.

      Participants will take away a transparent lock specifically setup for advanced picking, a cylinder lock with adjustable pins for skill development, and tools supporting the adjustable lock.

      The class in two hours in duration. This event is limited to 20 participants; Uses video and Power Point.

      Participants must be graduates of the Level 1 class and must be AMA members (or secondary members), age 21+ with valid ID, and in proper evening attire pursuant to the AMA Dress Code.

      7:00 PM in the Inner Circle. Doors open at 6:30 PM with bar food & beverage service available at the Library Bar. 

      Questions? Email events@magiccastle.com. 


      AMA member and lock picking instructor, Bill Ragsdale, began with a tinker locksmith serving rural areas of central California from a converted bus. He then worked in Las Vegas at a firm manufacturing high-security lock products for the gambling industry. These included the under-table dropbox, check trays, and slot machines. He then formed a company supplying electronic door controls and ran it for the next twenty-five years.

      Bill has been with the S.A.M. 80 Jongleur's Assembly for 45 years and an AMA member for 24 years. He and member Anne Ragsdale visit The Magic Castle about once a month, traveling from Northern California. Look for them at the Owl Bar!