Holiday Fund Donation

    Holiday Fund Donation


      The Employee Holiday Fund is a chance to leave a special gratuity for the entire Academy of Magical Arts staff. 

      We're sure that you'd agree the AMA has the best and most passionate staff around, with each employee deserving a huge pat on the back for working tirelessly throughout the year. Please consider this moment with giving a gratuity to our employees this holiday season. Every gift, no matter the denomination, is greatly and sincerely appreciated.

      Thank you for your generosity & happy holidays!


      NOTE: If you do not see the amount that you would like to donate, you can add multiples of various amounts to your cart to achieve the desired total. Donations made before Tuesday, November 14th, 2023, will be applied to this year's employee bonuses (2023). All donations made after November 15th, 2023, will be applied to the 2024 holiday fund.